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The Healing Way is a multi-service program providing specialized services to adults experiencing drug and/or alcohol abuse, emotional, social and economic problems.

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Methadone Treatment

Saves lives. Untreated opioid addicts have a death rate three to four times greater than patients in methadone treat­ment ...

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Service we provide

Education to patient and family members on their medication and treatment. Annual physicals and medical follow ups provided.

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The Healing Way Group 7900 Frankford Ave Philadelphia PA 19136 T: (215) 335-3520 F: (215) 335-3130

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Get Medication Assisted Treatment in Philadelphia

When you have an addiction problem, you may need the assistance of medication to help you truly overcome it. At The Healing Way, we are a methadone clinic in Philadelphia that offers the services you need to help you overcome your addiction. We understand how difficult addictions can be and know you need all the help you can get to stop using and get your life back on track. With our methadone treatment, we take a comprehensive approach to helping you get clean and stay that way.

We Understand Medication Can Help

While it’s never a good idea to trade one addiction for another, when you get medication assisted treatment in Philadelphia, you will experience fewer side effects and be able to focus on the other aspects of your addition without the physical withdrawal symptoms. Often, these symptoms prevent individuals from moving forward with their treatment. We strive to help you focus to eliminate the cause of your addiction, not just the addiction itself.

>A Comprehensive Approach

When you work with our clinic, you will gain the advantage of a comprehensive approach to overcoming your addiction. We use methadone as a method of calming the negative side effects many people experience so you can stay focused on other aspects of your treatment plan. Our methadone clinic in Philadelphia will help set you on the right path so when you leave, you are fully prepared to face your temptations. Our approach includes group and individual counseling, anger management, meditation and much more. Contact us today to find out more about our methadone treatment practices.



  • "Finally I found a place that I can start my recovery"

    Sam M. THW Patient
  • "The staff really cares and they want to see you succeed"

    Rachel S. THW Patient
  • "The minute I walked into The Healing Way, I felt safe"

    Max R. THW Patient
  • "I was really pleased with personal care and professionalism of the staff at The Healing Way"

    Julia A. THW Patient