Are you or a loved one faced with an opiate addiction? Maybe you know someone in the family who struggles to get his or her addiction under control. Opiate addiction in this country has reached an unparalleled high, but luckily there are reputable methadone treatment centers available to be of assistance. At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we take the time to understand each one of our clients and we work hard to ensure that he or she receives a specifically designed treatment plan for a course of healthy recovery.

Choosing a methadone treatment center can be a daunting task, especially if you are helping to make the choice for a loved one. Most people who need to select a methadone treatment center find themselves overwhelmed and confused. What questions do they need to ask? How much information should they receive? How long will treatment last? At The Healing Way, we work closely with all clients who walk through our door and we provide each one with a customized treatment plan.

According to the CDC, high doses of methadone have been proven to offer clients a greater response in allowing them to remain in treatment longer. They are also less prone to reckless temptations, such as criminal activity and relapses into other forms of opiate use. When choosing a methadone treatment center such as The Healing Way, be prepared to ask the staff members questions about the effectiveness of their program as well as the level of methadone dosing that they use for their clients.

Most programs are about ninety days long and run for six months or more. If you are selecting a methadone treatment program for a loved one, you should be prepared for him or her to stay through for the length of the treatment. At The Healing Way, we can discuss the details of our program in great detail if you are interested in helping a loved one find his or her road to recovery. Our staff is committed to offering only the highest level of care for each person who enters our center. We know that you deserve a committed and trustworthy treatment facility, and we take pride in offering one that will make a difference in your loved one’s life.


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