Friendships are part of what makes life meaningful. We all benefit in various ways from the different friendships that we have throughout life. Sometimes, we speak to friends in confidence about issues that we might not even discuss with our own families. At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we understand the value of friendships, especially during times of mental or physical illness.

When someone is unwell, it is important to make your best effort to keep the friendship going. While it might be more common for those under mental distress to see their friends less than usual, it is still important for them to have friends to rely on. Solid friendships often play a key role in helping people recover from mental health issues. Many people who maintain friendships, especially during tough times, find that their friendship is even stronger from it.

Those with severe forms of mental illness often have smaller social networks than those without a mental illness. Those with these smaller social networks often have a harder time maintaining friendships and managing social situations, which is why it’s so important to stand by a friend who is in need.

If you have a friend who is suffering from either a mental or a physical illness, you might be tempted to give this person less attention because it isn’t as comfortable for you to deal with. At the Healing Way, we encourage people to maintain friendships regardless of mental or physical states. Everyone needs friends, especially when facing struggles.

Having a good friend during stressful times can be beneficial because a good friend is like a light that casts out the shadows. Sometimes even just a brief visit can lift someone’s spirits. You might want to ask if there is anything you can do to be of assistance. Mental and physical illnesses can be challenging, but with a few good friends, it is easier to accept the situation and become more at peace with whatever the issue is at hand.


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