Are you or a loved one struggling with opiate addiction? At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we help families and their loved ones conquer long-term addiction problems to help restore a healthy lifestyle again. Our methadone maintenance treatment plans are often a solution for those who need a solution that will help them lead productive lives once again.

Methadone maintenance treatment is a comprehensive treatment plan that involves the long-term use of methadone as an alternative to the opiate that someone depended on. At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we help each one of our clients find the right treatment plan for their unique needs. Close monitoring of the client is provided and supportive counseling services are offered to the families who are involved.

Methadone is prescribed as a promising treatment for those who suffer from opiate addiction because it can help individuals lessen their dependence on opiates and eventually wean themselves off the devastating drug that they have become addicted to. Methadone is taken orally and can help clients suppress withdrawal symptoms. It also works by reducing cravings for opioids.
Once a sufficient level of methadone is reached in the client, cravings are significantly reduced. This helps the client make his transition to a healthier lifestyle much sooner than with other less successful treatments. Methadone is long-acting and often lasts for up to thirty-six hours. Methadone is administered once daily in a methadone maintenance treatment program.

At The Healing Way, we strive to make families whole again and our methadone maintenance treatment programs provide the hope that is needed to accomplish this. At The Healing Way we focus on individual client needs so that a successful course of action can be implemented from the start. Our team works diligently every step of the way to ensure that the right treatment program is in place at all times.


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