Do you have a friend or a loved one who suffers from opiate addiction? Maybe you’ve heard about opiate addiction recovery programs, but aren’t sure exactly how they work. At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we understand that a quality recovery program is necessary for a proper lifestyle change and we work hard to ensure that each of our clients receive exactly what they need. Methadone maintenance treatment is one of the most trusted and reliable treatment options out there today, and at The Healing Way we can guide you through every phase of the recovery process.

Methadone treatment is a proven and effective option for those suffering from an opiate addiction. Although methadone will not totally resolve addiction issues overnight, it does prove to be one of the most reliable recovery options out there today. Many clients find that with a methadone treatment plan in place, they become more stabilized. Making lifestyle becomes easier and more effective. One stabilized on methadone treatment plan, you are essentially supervised on a safer drug. The compulsive and addictive tendencies that accompany addiction are no longer present when in a methadone treatment program.

At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, our staff is committed to helping people recover from their opiate addictions. The dedicated and compassionate staff understands that the journey ahead is challenging but we also know that it is possible to change your life with the right plan in place. It is statistically proven that people who use methadone for longer-term maintenance have better outcomes than people who use methadone as a short-term detoxification program. It is also proven that clients who are on higher doses of methadone remain in treatment for longer periods of time. Higher doses of methadone are associated with higher treatment retentions.

At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we are always committed to providing the best in client care. Our methadone treatment programs have proven successful with a wide range of clients and we take pride in offering compassionate and dependable care. For clients who need to find a treatment program in Philadelphia that they can trust, The Healing Way has exactly what you need.

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