Research shows that treating opiate addiction with some form of medication greatly reduces the mortality rate for those with an opiate addiction. At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, our goal is on successful treatment for those who with opiate addictions. If you or a loved one is suffering with some form of addiction, then methadone treatment from The Healing Way is an option.

It’s been proven that the treatment success for those who choose medication is far higher than the treatment success rate for those who choose other methods. Research has shown that non-medication approaches to an opiate addiction, specifically, are not as effective as a medication-based treatment such as methadone. In France, for example, the government expanded doctor privileges for medication prescription in an effort to reduce opioid addiction. In return, overdose deaths decreased by almost 80%.

At The Healing Way, we work with patients and their families to help them reach a successful outcome. Our dedicated team of professionals understands that there’s nothing easy about overcoming an addiction. Yet we also believe that with the right tools, we can help every person that requests our services. Even though opiate addiction can be life-damaging, our team can help you get back on track.

Our methadone treatment is used to help treat those who are addicted to heroin and narcotic pain medicines. Methadone works by changing has the brain nervous system react to pain. It lessens the often-painful symptoms that accompany opiate withdrawal. Because we work with trained professionals, our treatment plans are safe and effective. The Healing Way is committed to helping each person find a safe and successful way to free him or her self from addiction.

Methadone treatment allows people to recover from their addictions and retain active and healthy lives. For best results, our patients are encouraged to work with trusted counselors and nutritionists, as well. At The Healing Way, we are always ready to help you and your loved ones lead healthy and meaningful lives.