Recovering from an addiction is a challenging process. To complicate the process, there exists a common belief in recovery that when trying to overcome a drug addiction, it’s permissible to indulge with all sorts of sweets and fats. The idea is that when you have an addiction to recover from, it’s acceptable to let nutrition take a back seat. Yet the truth is, eating healthy during recovery can actually help keep you sober.

At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we know that those struggling with recovery have challenges. Yet we also understand the value of a wholesome diet, so we work hard to help our clients feel better by encouraging them to eat the right foods. Proper nutrition helps build and repair organ tissue. It also helps strengthen the immune system. A good diet provides nutritional building blocks that will help to repair tissue that was damaged through addiction.

Good nutrition also helps stabilize your mood. Research suggests that dietary changes can alter brain structure both chemically and physiologically. This means that a good diet can have a positive influence on your behavior. Consuming certain foods is associated with increased production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. A healthy diet that is rich in whole foods is best for providing all of the nutrients that you need.

Eating the right foods can help with recovery because the nutrients that they provide will help you both physically and mentally. In almost every case, eating healthy can help you avoid relapse simply by making you feel better. At The Healing Way, we know that recovery can be a challenge, but we also know that with the right diet, you can find yourself back on track more quickly. Eating the right foods can help you stay sober and help you build a life that is fulfilling and bright.




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