Rules and regulations are needed for the safety of the patients and staff. They are necessary for the clinic to be effective in its treatment approach. All rule violations are subject to:

  • Hold
  • Case consultation
  • Window time
  • Probation
  • Transfer
  • Discharge (by detoxification)
Know The Rules

The following is a summary of some of the major violations that will be addressed with immediate attention.

  • Bringing a weapon to the program
  • Bringing drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol
  • Stealing from patients, staff, or THW
  • Gambling
  • Appear intoxicated “high” or giving positive Breathalyzer
  • Threats or acts of violence on patients or staff
  • Tempering with or attempt to switch a urine sample requested by staff
  • Misuse of methadone (all methadone must remain at the nurse’s window until you drink it. Methadone is a dangerous narcotic if not used as directed by the clinic doctor)
  • Damaging program property
  • Loitering or failing to leave the program when asked to
  • The use of loud, profane or abusive language to either patients or staff

A pattern of arriving late for scheduled appointments or group.