Are you or a loved one battling an addiction problem?  Maybe you’ve been searching for the right methadone treatment center for your loved one and you need some help understanding what the process involves.  At The Healing Way of Philadelphia, we help families deal with the complexities of methadone treatment so that they feel empowered in their decision-making process.  Our methadone treatment center is focused on assisting each client make his or her transition from a lifestyle of addiction to a lifestyle of sobriety.

At The Healing Way, we understand that families need to feel in control of their choices which is why we work within a holistic model to bring the highest quality methadone treatment to everyone who walks through our doors. If you need a methadone maintenance rehab in Philadelphia, then The Healing Way has exactly what you need.  Many people who struggle with a chronic opiate addiction go through several rounds of treatment in an effort to get their lives back on track.  Methadone treatment is designed to address this kind of dependency for each individual.

Methadone treatment that is combined with ongoing behavior-based interventions provides people with the coping tools that they need for a successful recovery.  Once an opiate addiction takes over, the severity of drug use can worsen quickly.  At The Healing Way, our methadone treatment works by using therapeutic effects to stop the cycle of addiction.  We know that staying sober can be difficult, but it is possible to remain sober while completing a methadone treatment program.

With the right relapse prevention strategies, it is possible to stay sober.  At The Healing Way, we help our clients work with these strategies so that they can lead healthy lives.  Our team works to bring a comprehensive treatment plan to each person who needs assistance.  We work with each client to provide them with peer supports and lifestyle suggestions in an effort to help them remain sober after completing treatment.










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